About Mooctology

This blog has been designed to promote open education, the one that eliminate boundaries, where the work will enrich our peer and personal knowledge in order to make us freer. We mean to encouraging critical thinking and collaboration through the use of tool considered free in the network.


In this space we propose a change in the overall educational system, taking into account all  views that any one wish to invest on this topic.

We abide by the Code of overall academic honor and we framed within the course proposed by the Stanford University: Open knowledge: changing the overall course of learning.
Any input on this subject come from respect and, purpose of open and honest discussion is appreciated.

Julia Echeverria




9 comentarios en “About Mooctology

    1. Gracias Kim, no sabía que hablabas español. Te felicito.
      Por otro lado, tu también estás desarrollando una excelente labor en Open Knoledge, estoy segura que nosotras y todo nuestro grupo de trabajo seguirá luchando por una educación abierta y de calidad.
      Un abrazo,

      Me gusta

    1. Hi, Abdul, I am sure that we all go on working for an open access in the present and the future. Let not say by, but see you soon, let get in touch. I do not know if you are following me, but if you make some comment on my post I will apreciate it very much.
      Best regards,
      Julia Echeverría

      Me gusta


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