PKP: public knowledge Project

This video provides a brief introduction to Simon Fraser University’s Public Knowledge Project and its free, open source Open Journal Systems software. While the previous video showed us the value added by commercial publishers, OJS provides a “do it yourself” approach, in the spirit of participatory culture, that can significantly reduce costs and allow for an alternative model of scholarly publishing.

This kind of initiative, like many others in which it is proposed open publishers, have much impact on educational publishers, but only in the develop countries.
The publishers who are dedicated to producing educational materials are those that earn more money, this is because there are many vested interests, these publishers typically agree with governments about the kind of books which are required reading in schools.
This generates more money, because they usually push for the books  changes every year. We thus have a textbook that was used the previous year no longer works next year and the parents are forced to buy other.
This way of working is the one used in Spain, for example, (even we are a develop country or at least that is what it’s say to us) and because of cuts in education, three million children are in abject poverty without access to education and this  promotes school dropout.
Therefore, governments and publishers are doing great harm to future generations who will find large gaps in their education, I do not want to talk about undeveloped countries where the education gap is getting bigger, education is only for those wich can afford it financially.

With initiatives as explained in this video that tends to reduce educational barriers in general.  But we are still at a very basic period, not because the open publications are poor in their quality, but because not all people have a computer at home, moreover, we are a minority who have access to these publications.

Now, the only way to change this is through the pressure that can be exerted on institutions that have the responsibility to educate its citizens and this is difficult but not impossible. It is not my intention to promote a revolution (although I wish). Anyway, I am sure that together we can change the global education system. Every day we are more and more people trying that knowledge and education become free and for all.

Julia Echeverria



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