The equality on education

From immemorial time, the education has been a privilege for richest, this is a real problem and creates atremendous inequality between the human beings.
It is truth that the knowledge, in this globalised era  the MOOC for example, makes by all means, arrive specialized education at a number of people highly motivated and, the quality of the same of this is excellent, but is also true that all do not everybody have access to this type of education and this happens to the great majority of the inhabitants, they have problems like, preoccupation first and last one, is to find food.
I am one convinced that the accomplishment of the MOOC is the first step towards the overcoming of economic barriers, and that the governments would have to invest more on education for all, but also we have with many other barriers, like the vested interests in the world of publishing houses and of the same governments who have a none interest to avoid  all costs that their citizens education.
The education is essential for the human development in order to plow of the common good.

Julia Echeverría



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