About student publishing: differences between journals initiated by student and by faculties.

In “Student Publishing” Russell Butson talks about the experience of medical students and undergraduate students in publishing at the University of Otago. What differences might there be between a journal initiated by students and one initiated by a department or faculty champion?  If students value being read by the public, should views, downloads, comments, and other interactions be a part of a student’s grade?

“To begin with, the reality tell us that the problem now a day, it is that the tipycal process of student publishing is: the dissatisfactions by student regarding the effort involve in writing research papers that were simply “thrown in a draw”.

From my point of view, here we have another point of view on this matter, why the student research are not taking on count. I think that perhaps, the institutions consider that those research are  are not relevant enough, lets see the video, I must say that even this video talk about medical school, the problem still the same.

video by: Leigh Blackall

Julia Echeverria Moran



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