The Context of Stuff

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TreasureThe biggest different between how things were then and how they are now? Maybe it’s the contextual nature of information, the interpretation of knowledge. What we need, when we need it: pushed to us, provided to us on demand, made sense of by communities, peer reviewed, contextualised by community, delivered to our pockets. Or glasses.

The overall shift is away from holding information like treasure, hidden in a chest and locked away, towards a time when information surround us, suffusing the atmosphere like WiFi. When information becomes free, when our communities, facilitated by collaborative technology, give us both access and interpretation to make it meaningful to us, that’s the Social Age.

It impacts everything: the ways we learn, the ways we share, curate, perform and collaborate. We need to adapt our learning methodology, approach to leadership, use of technology and mindset of control. That’s the Social…

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