Why does Gamification Fail?

Gamification, E-Learning

About this article and in general I see there is a variable that is never taken into account and it is the need for flexibility in any project, whether gamified, educate, persuade, ecc.

If we are flexible and communicate that we are, we can always change things when problems arise, any action, we can make online, should start from this premise. (it is my idea now a day).
We live in a medium in which what we now think and preach, probably tomorrow will no longer be valid and that is why I recommend having carefully with our ideas, that is, not presenting them as if they were an absolute truth, but try always a assessment of what we do among our peers and always ask for feedback to improve our work, Andrzey is quite right in points touching but may also sometimes Leaking some things, which does not mean that their…

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