Gamified Mmooc?

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Dear friends, these past days I’ve been talking with Joe Corneli on gamified the mmooc (minimal massive open online courses). I must say that when I discovered the theory of gamification I found it really interesting to use in my courses, eventually I was able to save some tools that can benefit our students and courses using some mechanical of game, not all are good for everything, I consider that this point must be studied carefully, what would be appropriate and in what context?, in this case in collaborative work, in search of methodologies to motivate and engage mmooc participants in order to  finish the course with,  the use of concept learned and  knowledge in their day a day work and personal life, I believe that this is a fascinating subject.

We will continue on this path of research in which all comments are welcome.
So, and, in order to continue this discussion, I leave an excerpt from an article published By  In E-learning Industry which you can read in full on the link attached


“While MOOCs are interesting and have great potential for huge reach, we have also heard about the concept of Gamification.  Can we combine the two? While we have discussed what MOOCs are, we should also take some time and intersect this potentially powerful organizational method with another powerful learning strategy such as Gamification. Can we Gamify our MOOC? Is this right for our organization?

Gamification is a different animal than MOOCs, however, no less game changing. In a previous blog post I go into more detail on what Gamification is and what it isn’t. To keep it short (please read the previous article if you want more background), Gamification is the process of adding motivational elements within a learning framework or system to increase user engagement based upon sound game theory and game mechanics. While it is a very different concept to a MOOC, it is a potentially powerful method for driving user engagement.

In an effort to engage our corporate learners and to attempt to defy the staggering losses that are seen in academic MOOCs we can potentially add Gamification elements to our MOOCs (already being done by some of the academic players with positive results). While content is still going to be king and making sure that your courses are both instructionally sound and designed in a way that is engaging for your end users, it is possible to add that little extra push that can make all the difference between utter boredom and a sense of friendly competition.”


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