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Video: If you give a kid a laptop |

Dear friends, here I have find this excelent video about integrating technology in to the classroom.


Julia Echeverria Moran

Video: If you give a kid a laptop |


Contenidos: Uso de Personajes en e-Learning

En este vídeo se nos cuenta cómo la utilización de personajes en nuestros contenidos, los hacen más atractivos, los personajes nos sirven para contar una historia y mucho más. Os invito a ver y estudiar este vídeo publicado por Patricio Bustamante en

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Authentic Instructor Videos with @drChuck for #HumanMOOC

This is another interesting video from human mooc, they are doing a great job in this mooc I think one of the best I have ever participate.

We can learn much about humanizing mooc and online courses.

Go to list video and you will find all the videos about this theme



Infographic: top10 trends to personalize learning in 2015

“In a rapidly changing educational landscape, learning trends are constantly emerging and reshaping the century-old notions of teaching and learning. Digitality is absolutely a key factor in these new changes but there are also other factors that have their part in what’s going on now in education. Educational Stakeholders are convinced more than anytime before that change is an inevitable feat and that the traditional content and performance based pedagogic strategies are to be replaced with more robust concepts that can speak to the ethos and demands of the new era.

The folks in personalizelearning have put together this wonderful visual featuring the 10 trends that will influence learning in 2015.

Hope you all like it.

Julia Echeverria Moran

Ten trend to personalice learning

P2PU Universidad entre iguales. Social Open Learning

Originally posted in Spanish by Felix Erole at “

I am not of many theories, I know they are necessary, but prefer having put ideas into practice, test, improve and conceptualize a posteriori.

The next stage is usually fit my experiences in any current or theory, both philosophical, pedagogical as vital.

And in the learning process, especially adult, my conviction is growing on role of Social Learning (Social Learning) on the hard path followed by Humanity

In this way I want to highlight authors like Paulo Freire, to George Siemens to Philipp Schmidt, who formulated ideas that I checked, some of which have I experienced as such and other the’m transforming and hybridizing with other fields of Human Knowledge, in the case of the improvement in production processes to empower workers Industry, or provide Artificial Intelligence, through learning processes networked artifacts.

My thesis is that now are combining unique elements in the history of mankind that accelerate the advancement of knowledge and learning processes, nothing new, I know, but from a perspective from below:

The Freirian idea that all learn from each community.
We can overcome the idea of Education (planned by someone with a specific intention) for itself and personalized learning.
Technology and connections established through social networks allow us access to knowledge in a more intense and easily.
Learning processes are given in (and between) people and artifacts.
We exchanged the roles of teacher – student.
Models are available to all people who need minimal resources: free, open and Basic hardware and free software.
It extends the idea of conceptual systems open: Free Software, Free Hardware, Ideas and open and free knowledge …
The P2PU model Peer University is a comprehensive methodology and ubiquitous learning.
Open Model: Open Social Learning (Open Social Learning)
Is the empowerment of people Freirian values the idea of peer learning.

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Personal knowledge management, filtering and information overload

A very interesting article about how to filter information to not be overload, I invite to read it and comment.

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Personal knowledge management, filtering and information overload.

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The equality on education

From immemorial time, the education has been a privilege for richest, this is a real problem and creates atremendous inequality between the human beings.
It is truth that the knowledge, in this globalised era  the MOOC for example, makes by all means, arrive specialized education at a number of people highly motivated and, the quality of the same of this is excellent, but is also true that all do not everybody have access to this type of education and this happens to the great majority of the inhabitants, they have problems like, preoccupation first and last one, is to find food.
I am one convinced that the accomplishment of the MOOC is the first step towards the overcoming of economic barriers, and that the governments would have to invest more on education for all, but also we have with many other barriers, like the vested interests in the world of publishing houses and of the same governments who have a none interest to avoid  all costs that their citizens education.
The education is essential for the human development in order to plow of the common good.

Julia Echeverría