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Hi, I think this infographic is interesting to know.


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Active Learning challenge: auto draft

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Dear readers, as part of the “Educational Technology” course, given by MITx (Massachuset Institute of Technology), “I’ve been thinking of my own learning challenge needs, in a real scenario. I do not say everything what I think is right, which is why I propose this reflexions, if you have any comment feel free to comment my autodraft. To start with the definition, I invite you to see the below video, very clear and instructive.

Video by: Andrianna Gervais

My learning challenge on educational technology right now is: To design a course about educational technology for the teachers. The challenge will be to arrive to teacher who maybe want or not to learn some technology, and get in contact with some hight school in order to offer to test the course as an strategic that cover to challenge, if I present the course like a test, I think they will feel…

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A Practical Guide on E-learning and Outsourcing – Free eBook

Interesting article

You might be having specific training needs in your organization such as training your sales force on multiple products within tight deadlines, providing hands-on training to end-users on your new ERP application for quick adoption, or delivering compliance trainings to global employees within a month.E-learning is the ideal solution to meet such specific training needs.

But given the rigorous training schedules, your e-learning development team might be hard pressed for time or you might even lack the technical know-how needed to develop these online programs. Given this context, it would be beneficial for you to outsource your e-learning training.

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Conocimiento social: su desarrollo

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Desarrollo social y el conocimiento social

Estimados lectores, en el marco del estudio un enfoque constructivista en el aula, dado que de este tema hemos hablado “largo y tendido”, en lo que se refiere a la enseñansa/aprendizaje online, dígase Mooc en mi blog, o en este blog. Me parece realmente interesante la realización de este resumen y por supuesto el visionado del material propuesto.

Esto no son más que ideas de otros que intentamos poner en práctica, aunque, me gustaría que se pudiese entrar a investigar estas teorías aplicadas a este siglo en la cual los métodos de aprendizaje y enseñanza deben poseer un componente del desarrollo social a través de la utilización de habilidades digitales.

En fin, aquí va el artículo.

conocimiento social


El desarrollo social es el proceso o progreso en la adquisición de conductas y normas sociales desde la infancia hasta la vida adulta. El…

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La contraseña más segura posible es pura poesía

Excelente información, ahora tocan los “non sense poems” para nuestras contraseñas, por mi parte la concidero una estupenda idea. Vamos a recitar pues!!
Saludos cordiales

Arcanus's Random Stuffs

Contraseña segura

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Questions to ask to the Stakeholder and it definition

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Dear readers, here I present an infographic that has surprised me a bit, considering that it lacks some important points which should be known in advance or ask at the beginning of the conversation: the most important point to know is “the goal” and this we should have it really clear before offering any course or service or software, platform, methodology and so on.
It is also necessary to know the meaning of Stakeholder, so we can approach the decisions we should consider to offert.


Stakeholder theory succeeds in becoming famous not only in the business ethics fields. It is used as one of the frameworks in corporate social responsibility methods. For example, ISO 26000 and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) involve stakeholder analysis.[17]

In fields such as law, management, human resource, stakeholder theory succeeded in challenging the usual analysis frameworks, by suggesting to put stakeholders’ needs at…

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